Our professional staff enjoys a large experience in the construction industry. Their background allows us to prepare shop drawings that clearly reflect the architect's design and the scope of the project. Our goal is to prepare shop drawings that tell all the parties involved such as Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Owners, and other trades that we clearly understand what is required for the particular project at hand. We do not undertake a project until the shop drawings are accepted and have the Architect's seal of approval. By doing this we will avoid any of the many would-be problems associated with panel fabrication. In combination with adhering to the project specification, we address any concerns, assembly and fabrication details, coordination and cost issues that otherwise might go unnoticed by those less familiar with these materials. We always try to resolve issues before they become problems, saving time and money. We use CAD and 3D to prepare our shop drawings.


Allied Metal can provided the Project Management services necessary to bring your project in on time and within budget.

Project Management services include:
• Budgeting and Cost Analysis
• Scheduling
• Design Development and Analysis
• Field Supervision


Preparing an honest estimate and realistic budget goal is the best way to ensure that the owner and all interested parties get a price in line with the true cost. Our group of estimators, with their expertise and professional building background allows us to give you line by line costs, as well as built-in alternates that can be incorporated into the budgeting plan.We know that in today's environment, the demand is to meet project deadlines and finish it as per schedule. We understand the importance of time and this is the reason we strive to provide you with relative fast quotes and prices. Our value-engineering services allow clients to realize their design criteria while remaining within budget, and the alternatives that we often provide, help clients evaluate the benefits of investing in energy-saving alternatives


Allied Metal offers in-house Design and Engineering services for our ESTOLGA® ACM Panel Systems and ESTOLGA® Column Cover Systems for all phases of design and construction. Our services are available to Contractors, Engineers, Architects, and other building and Design Professionals. We feature in-house engineering and fabrication, utilizing the latest technology all governed by exceptional quality control. Our revolutionary ESTOLGA® Attachment Systems reduce the cost of both manufacturing and installation. This makes us a design partner preferred by clients looking for creative solutions to problems with construction budgets and schedules.


At Allied Metal we fabricate ESTOLGA® Aluminum Composite Metal Panels (ACM) and ESTOLGA® Column Covers in two state of the art facilities. We fabricate all ESTOLGA® products with the highest levels of precision and accuracy using a combination of our vast knowledge of manufacturing procedures and processes, our many years of industry experience and the latest technology. ESTOLGA® Panels and ESTOLGA® Column Covers come ready to install from our facility.

• Full time quality – assurance control and inspection in our plant
• All panels are labeled and sequentially loaded in trailers
• Design build drawings are attached with panel shipment


To discuss the installation of our ESTOLGA® panel and ESTOLGA® column systems and to obtain a certified ESTOLGA® installer, please contact us.

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